June 2013 Update Notes:

With the advent of “Google Earth, Street View” updating this site has become a lot easier. Instead of me shooting the “Now” pictures, I save the pictures from their program.

However there are some drawbacks with using their pictures. For one, they use a fisheye type lens that adds some distortion. The distortion is evident sometimes when comparing the old pictures with the new, so keep this in mind. Two, there are navigational control images and splice marks that occasionally get included. Three, the exact date the pictures were taken is unknown. The copyright says 2013 but I’ve noticed 2011 and other dates sometimes in watermarks on the pictures. And lastly, some of their pictures just won’t do.

Even though it’s been fifteen years since I created this web site, some of the 1998 pictures are not much different from what is there now, so these were not updated. However, some new material may have been added to these as well. If you see a hand symbol in the menu this indicates a “mouseover” exists in the picture that leads to another scene. Or a new date may have been added to the menu which will reveal the same scene shot at a different time. Also the word “More” in the menu indicates another picture of the same scene shot at a different angle.

Another thing worth mentioning- If you have visited this web site before, it’s possible your browser has kept copies of the web pages in its cache. So sometimes it will display the cached pages with older content rather than the new pages with updated pictures and menus. If you suspect this is happening, click on the “refresh” button on the navigation toolbar while holding down the shift or Ctrl key depending on your browser. Or alternately you can navigate the menus of your browser and find the tool that clears the entire cache.

I appreciate your suggestions, stories and any old pictures you want to contribute. Also please revisit the site from time to time to look for future updates.

Don Draughon

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