Pen and Ink Drawing of Munroe Street

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Iím now retired from the Department of Transportation after 35 years. Towards the end of my career my work involved training people in the use of computer models for transportation planning. We normally used the Tallahassee street network in our classes. Some time back I did a 35mm slide show about Tallahassee to familiarize the out-of-town students with the area. Thatís when I found out about the old pictures at the State Archives. Ever since then I wanted to do a slide show that included new pictures of the same scenes. That was many years ago, before computers where commonplace and before the Internet had caught on. Now Iím able to do more than just a slide show and a lot more people will see it, plus itís a lot easier to do! Iím hopeful that visitors to the site will write to me and want to contribute old pictures, stories and ideas that I can add to "Tallahassee Then and Now". Thanks, Don Draughon

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