Lorelei is Born!

Lorelei pictures uploaded by her grandpa!

Lorelei almost 2 weeks old!

Lorelei's First trip to the barn and Mamo's house (a little over 2 weeks old)

Christmas 2008 (3 weeks old)

Some home videos of Lorelei (5 weeks old)

River Howard's dedication (Lorelei 8 weeks old)

Lorelei 2 months old. Jessica's Camera fun

Lorelei 3 months old. Sean's Camera fun

Lorelei about 3.5 months old (Sean's softball game and picutres with Aunt Debra

Easter 2009

Lorelei Eats rice cereal for the first time

Lorelei Pictures from May through July 2009

Pee test through 19 weeks

29 weeks 3D Ultrasound

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