Old Tallahassee Aerial Photographs

Pen and Ink Drawing of Munroe Street

Aerial Photographs and Maps of Tallahassee

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1829 Plan of Tallahassee

1885 Drawing of Tallahassee

1926 Drawing of Tallahassee

1929 Aerial of Downtown Tallahassee

Martin Building, Downtown Tallahassee 1929

1929 Aerial of Downtown Looking Southeast, Tallahassee

1929 Aerial of State Capitol Looking East, Tallahassee

Capitol Complex and Downtown 1947

Capitol, Downtown and Smokey Hollow 1947

Florida State University, 1948

Capitol Complex and Downtown 1949

Centennial Field 1950-64 - New 2016
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Monroe and Pensacola Intersection, between 1962-66

Capitol Complex and Downtown Tallahassee, 1974

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